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Welcome to the ninetyninetravel.com ("we," "our," "us") site (on the whole, the "Site"). Your Utilization of the site is controlled by the ensuing agreements. By utilizing the site you adjust to these agreements. On the off chance that you have zero faith in any or a piece of these agreements, you want to not utilize the site. We tend to maintain all authority to correct these agreements whenever. All corrected terms precisely go once these Terms and Conditions are refreshed. Your utilization of the area following the presenting of changes on the Agreements can mean you settle for those changes. If it's not too much trouble, return to the current page irregularly to audit any changes.


100% SAFE looking Affirmation ninetyninetravel.comservers utilize Secure Attachments Layer (SSL),an encryption innovation that works with well known internet browsers like Microsoft web wayfarer, Mozilla, Safari, Netscape, and AOL's program, so exclusively farespool.com will peruse a purchaser's private information. we will more often than not ensure that each buy you make on the farespool.com site is 100 percent safe. We never will have an event of MasterCard misrepresentation, assuming unapproved charges are introduced to your MasterCard as a consequence of working with ninetyninetravel.com, you might not pay anything. Online trade of data at ninetyninetravel.com is measurably more secure than utilizing your MasterCard at aneating-house or outlet. Specialized specialists signify that internet based buys are such a ton more secure these days because of the information being straight away encoded into a confused message that may exclusively be decoded by an ensured PC. You might be important for a great deal of different clients who have securely shopped over the net. The Fair Credit Charging Act expresses that your MasterCard provider can't make you pay undeniably more than $50 of deceptive charges.

Assuming your MasterCard provider will have you at any point pay any of the $50 it will charge, ninetyninetravel.com can cowl the cost, up to the total $50 assuming that the unapproved utilization of your MasterCard came about through no shortcoming of your own from buys made on the farespool.com site though double-dealing ninetyninetravel.com's safe server. Assuming such an event will happen, you want to prompt your MasterCard provider.

General Disclaimer

ninetyninetravel.com will not be chargeable for disappointment of movement administration providers, as well as anyway not limited to aircrafts, inns, voyage lines, rail lines, letting organizations, visit administrators and consolidators to play out the administrations presented by such providers. ninetyninetravel.com, in giving travel the executives administrations, doesn't ensure or protect the administrations to be given by any supplier, the cash position of such suppliers or the remuneration to you from any misfortune educated probably because of the financial state of such provider. inside the occasion that a supplier defaults prior to offering the support to you that installment has been charged, the main response for discount will accompany the defaulting supplier, from protection covering such defaults if any or from an option responsible outsider except if such was brought about by ninetyninetravel.com. In those things during which a supplier defaults prior to offering types of assistance, you will seek after any response against the supplier for discount, which can be reasonable by regulation warrants that it gives the best guidelines of administration inside the exchange and can utilize OK consideration in picking providers in this manner on the safeguard you from such default.

Besides as explicitly communicated thus, ninetyninetravel.com takes care of activities about movement administrations on the most distant side of the administration of ninetyninetravel.com or its staff. ninetyninetravel.com isn't responsible or chargeable for any demonstration, blunder, oversight, injury, misfortune, mishap, harm, delay, non-execution, anomaly, or any outcome subsequently, which can be occasioned through disregard, default or the other demonstration or inaction of any supplier of Movement item. ninetyninetravel.com will not be chargeable for any variance in worth or correction in timetable or instrumentality or facilities for any movement administration, that occurs past installment for such assistance. ninetyninetravel.com goes about as a help firm that gives worth accessorial assistance to retail travel planners and customers. farespool.com has no administration over and accepts no responsibility for the activities of the providers from whom it gets Travel items. Whenever tickets are given there is likewise a punishment worried for discounts. we will quite often don't have the board over composed costs on the tickets, however a few tickets could have BT (Mass passage) composed on them, some could have a chosen worth on them, which can wander (lower or higher) than the toll gathered. Limits offered could change relying on various things as well as Aircrafts' pre-owned class of administration, objective, season (low, center or high season), early notification gave, least keep necessities culminated and flight load. ninetyninetravel.com doesn't ensure, embrace, approve or advance option publicizerproducts and administrations that are pitched on this figuring gadget.


Clients serving in the U.S. military, senior residents, clients between the age of 16-25 or impacted by deprivation, and clients with inabilities or terminal sickness might get a rebate on crossing out, discount or ticket change administration charges.

Age for Site Use and Ticket Purchase

You warrant that you are 18 years of age or more and have the legal master to go into this comprehension and to use the Site according to all agreements in this. You agree to be financially responsible for the vast majority of your usage of the Site (and furthermore for use of your record by others). You direct any arrangements made by individuals under your course or control. You in like manner warrant that all information gave by you or to your purpose, or by people from your nuclear family in using the Site is substantial and exact. Work with you furthermore certify that the pioneer is definitely not an unaccompanied minor. Without limitation, any exploratory, bogus, or underhanded reservation or any booking completely expecting demand is denied. You agree that the development organizations reservations workplaces of the Site will be used just to save a genuine spot or purchases for you or for another person for whom you are legitimately endorsed to act. You appreciate that maltreatment or misusing of the Movement reservation workplaces of the Site might bring about you being denied admittance to such workplaces. All offers, expenses, and conditions of deal may be responsible to change without observing. push purchase, capability, seating, or various obstacles. travel days, dates, least or most prominent stays, events, seasons, blackout dates, visits, as well as stand by posting impediments. reservation endorsement requirements of as long as one year (in the event that any expansion permitted, disciplines/constrainments might apply); as well as various circumstances/limits.

Prohibited Acts

You agree that the Movement reservations workplaces of the Site will be used just to hold a certifiable spot or purchases for you or for another person for whom you are genuinely supported to act. You fathom that maltreatment or mistreating of the development organizations reservation workplaces of the Site might bring about you being denied admittance to such workplaces. You may not use this Site for any business reason. You agree you won't access, screen or copy any substance or information of this Site using any robot, frightening little creature, scrubber or other automated suggests or any manual strategy under any condition without our formed approval. You agree that you won't mishandle the constrainments in any robot evasion headers on this Site, or avoid or sidestep various assessments used to deflect or control admittance to this Site. You agree you won't change, copy, convey, send, show, perform, mirror, circulate, grant, make auxiliary works from, trade, deal or re-offer any information, content, outlines, programming, things, or organizations got from or through this Site or call center.

Fee and exceptions

Notwithstanding each Movement Provider's expense and charges, ninetyninetravel.com may charge a help expense. All ninetyninetravel.com expenses are charged on a for each individual or per ticket premise and are non-refundable.

How to arrive at Us

You are mentioned to call us at 1-888-927-0975 or drop an email to [email protected] for explanation or for an idea or proposal.